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Press Room

Date   Source   Article
05/08/2015   Media Release   Illegal Dumping
28/03/2015   Miranda and District Chamber of Commerce   Election Platform
27/03/2015   ABC Radio   Policy Platform
15/03/2015   Media Release   Stealth Bombing of Engadine Road
13/03/2015   Illawarra Mercury   Hopefuls meet the electorate
13/03/2015   Illawarra Mercury   Council approves West Dapto land deal
12/03/2015   Media Release   Council hoarding traffic funds whilst roads need upgrading
10/03/2015   Illawarra Mercury   Call to raise Skydive the Beach Wollongong fees
05/03/2015   The Leader   Transport concerns are key for Heathcote electorate
25/02/2015   Media Release   Sutherland Shire Combined Chamber of Commerce
25/02/2015   The Leader   Barrister, fitter & turner highly charged in privatisation debate
25/02/2015   Illawarra Mercury   Lake Illawarra committee 'begrudgingly' approved
24/02/2015   Illawarra Mercury   Call to charge Skydive the Beach more for use of Stuart Park
24/02/2015   Illawarra Mercury   Tensions remain as Sandon Point plan adopted
19/02/2015   Illawarra NewsBlog   Petty's promise to 'clean house' - state elections in Heathcote
17/02/2015   Illawarra Mercury   Greg Petty to stand as independent candidate for Heathcote
17/02/2015   Media Release   Independent Greg Petty stands for election in Heathcote
29/01/2015   Illawarra Mercury   Consultant to review Wollongong councillor briefing sessions
22/01/2015   Illawarra Mercury   Push to turn Otford to Stanwell Park tunnel into rail trail
16/12/2014   Illawarra NewsBlog   What does it take to get elected? Part 3: 'Experience'
10/12/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Old Princes Highway a 'cesspool' of rubbish
16/11/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Further pleas on CSG Drilling in Illawarra Catchment
11/11/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Petty's CSG-free zone adopted by council
06/11/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Wollongong councillors set sights on CSG mining
21/10/2014   The Leader   Looming state election could make CSG projects too hot to handle
26/09/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Gong's pet peeve with dogs 'nothing new'
09/09/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Letters: Stop rot with early election
09/09/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Relaxed alcohol zones to attract more food and wine events
11/08/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Jet-ski hoons a headache in Helensburgh
05/08/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Facebook page protests Wollongong's off-leash beach changes
29/07/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Public shut out of Wollongong councillor's debate
27/05/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Council pulls funding for Wollongong cultural plan
25/05/2014   Illawarra NewsBlog   Wollongong cultural plan: Hanging by a thread
18/05/2014   Illawarra NewsBlog   It's On: Councillor Martin fights for Wollongong's cultural plan
18/05/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Wollongong cultural plan hits snag
15/05/2014   Illawarra NewsBlog   Councillor Petty slams brakes on Wollongong cultural plan
08/05/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Northern Illawarra campaign to 'buy local'
13/04/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Councillors warn of barren wastelands in CSG debate
08/04/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Wollongong bike plan concern
18/02/2014   ABC Illawarra   Wollongong Council votes for 21 percent rate rise
17/02/2014   Illawarra Mercury   Wollongong council backs rate rise, service cuts
08/12/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   "No Rate Rise" Says Petty
06/12/2013   Media Release   Wollongong City Council Financial Sustainability Review
28/11/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Train mayhem: commuters bombard Helensburgh
27/11/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Historic Thirroul building saved
25/11/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Council addresses Gateway conflict fears
10/11/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   Party Aligned Councillors Ignored the Hard Questions
05/11/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Panel process 'undemocratic': councillors
05/11/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   How do Councillor's voting patterns measure up to their pledge?
30/10/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Grand Walk backed amid budget review
14/10/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   Council's 'Financial Black Hole': Redemption by Ratepayer or WCC?
14/10/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Alcohol-free zones mooted by Wollongong council
14/10/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Call to create alcohol-free zones on coast
11/10/2013   ABC News   Call for alcohol free zones in the Gong's northern suburbs
08/10/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   Fares Blog: Is WCC Heading Towards a Financial Apocalypse?
10/09/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   Bradbery's response is the responsible one
10/09/2013   Illawarra Mercury   POLL: Connor wins deputy mayor role
30/07/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   Planning Change in Helensburgh Reveals Cross-Party Caucusing
24/07/2013   Illawarra Mercury   China, all aboard: Wollongong councillors may join Bradbery
21/07/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   Helensburgh Safety Fears, as Council Planning Authority Ignored
24/06/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   EDITORIAL: Citizen blogging is vital for improving local government
23/06/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   Budget Blind Spot: Council Engagement Model Fails Again
13/06/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Petty votes against Wollongong council pay increase
29/05/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Council votes to support CSG protest
26/05/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   Wollongong Council's Fire Sale: Farmer's Big Sellout
13/05/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Fitness firms plead case to council
12/05/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   Councillor Q&A - Council Amalgamations
12/05/2013   Illawarra NewsBlog   Petty is Sharp and Accurate on CGS Vote
14/04/2013   Illawarra News Blog   Kershaw, Petty on Lord Mayor Salary Being Doubled
14/04/2013   Illawarra News Blog   Bradbery Chastises NF5: Council Set to Silence Local Democracy
12/04/2013   Media Release   CSG Amendment not acceptable
10/04/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Petty attack prompts new $2000 security payment
01/04/2013   Illawarra News Blog   To be or not to be - Council Amalgamations
02/03/2013   Illawarra News Blog   Councillor Q&A - Minimising Ratepayer Costs
20/02/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Man deeply ashamed of Petty bum-kicking
19/02/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Man admits Petty bum-kicking
18/02/2013   ABC Illawarra Online   Janet's Royalty Rooms to move to Hunter
18/02/2013   Illawarra Mercury   City's budget to focus on strategic planning
11/02/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Council backs security payment
11/02/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Mall revamp delayed
11/02/2013   Illawarra Mercury   Councillors could receive security payment
04/02/2013   Illawarra News Blog   Councillor Q&A: Dorahy and Petty's Aspirations in 2013
03/02/2013   Illawarra News Blog   Letter: Silence from Councillors - 74 Residents Call for Action
20/01/2013   Illawarra News Blog   Letter to Lord Mayor and Councillors: Safety Now, Please
20/01/2013   Illawarra News Blog   Bradbery 2013 Must Re-think His Advisors
20/01/2013   Illawarra News Blog   Bradbery/Petty Councillor Safety Controversy Continues
17/01/2013   Illawarra Mercury   CSG project triggers community hostility
20/12/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Greg Petty outraged by Mayors comments
20/12/2012   Illawarra News Blog   Letter to the Editor - Petty not fazed by Mayor comments
19/12/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Mayor claims Petty shares blame over attacks
19/12/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Editorial - Mercury says Petty attack a blow to Democracy
18/12/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Shaken Petty urges residents to speak up
17/12/2012   ABC Illawarra On-Line   Councillor Petty's home targeted in attack
17/12/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Petty home hit by vandals
16/12/2012   Illawarra News Blog   Letter to the Editor - Council Planning Methods Need Updating
16/12/2012   Illawarra News Blog   Is Bradbery's 'Wollongong Spring' over?
15/12/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Last-ditch effort to save mall birdcage
15/12/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Helensburgh business pleads to shift toilet
14/12/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Glennifer Brae vote apolitical says Brown
14/12/2012   Illawarra Mercury   All a Twitter over Councils first broadcast
14/12/2012   SeaCliff Coast   Cross walk talks
12/12/2012   ABC Illawarra On-Line   Janet to move royal collection to Hunter Valley
12/12/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Janet's royal collection off the agenda
11/12/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Blackwell found guilty over mystery ute
10/12/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Blackwell failed to name driver in dumping
10/12/2012   ABC Illawarra On-Line   Man fined in relation Councillor asbestos incident
02/12/2012   Illawarra News Blog   Councillor Q&A Community Engagement
02/12/2012   Illawarra News Blog   Petty's Political Independence blessing
30/11/2012   ABC Illawarra   Council to consider purchasing private Royalty collection
29/11/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Wollongong asked to take on Royal Collection
26/11/2012   Illawarra News Blog   Moving oration at Council tonight
24/11/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Cancer cluster decision out of our hands
12/11/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Council urges cancer testing in Helensburgh
12/11/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Petition demands cancer cluster answeres
07/11/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Helensburgh mother vows to fight on
05/11/2012   Illawarra News Blog   Wollongong Councillor Q&A CCTV
03/11/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Mother rejects cancer hysteria talk
01/11/2012   ABC News   Helensburgh land rezoning issue far from resolved
16/10/2012   Illawarra News Blog   Petty committed to getting town plan
08/10/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Major overhaul of library hours on the Table
16/09/2012   Illawarra News Blog   How Wollongong Councillors Voted: The Why of Some
15/09/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Helensburgh land meeting turn sugly
10/08/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Helensburgh action plan sought
10/08/2012   SeaCliff Coast   Blackwell face Court
07/08/2012   ABC News   Man charged over asbestos dumping on councillor's driveway
31/05/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Booming business metered in CBD Mall
30/05/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Petty proposes free parking to lure shoppers
27/05/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Welcome to Booze-Burgh?
27/05/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Can this man lure big firms to Gong?
27/05/2012   Illawarra Mercury   McCauleys beach in access row
18/04/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Second bite at Bald Hill
17/04/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Wollongong council baulks at webcast
13/04/2012   ABC News   Wollongong Councillor targeted over re-zoning stance
11/04/2012   WIN TV   Councillor home under seige
11/04/2012   Northern Exposure   Dwarf attacks councillor's property
10/04/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Greg Petty calls for protection
10/04/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Council ordered to act on catchment
08/04/2012   Northern Exposure   Coucnillor wakes asbestos hazard
22/03/2012   Illawarra Mercury   New factory outlet bid
13/03/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Factory outlet plan knocked back again
07/02/2012   Helensburgh & District Herald   Waiting Game for New DA
04/02/2012   Illawarra Mercury   Council pushes for station lifts
27/12/2011   Channel 7 Today Tonight   Million dollar cubby house
06/10/2011   WIN News  
16/09/2011   Illawarra Mercury - Editorial   Why I wouldn't be party to petty politics
16/09/2011   Illawarra Mercury   Petty will need to show political maturity
10/09/2011   Illawarra Mercury   Leaders bitter feuding
08/09/2011   Illawarra Mercury   Greg Petty wins final seat
07/09/2011   Northern Illawarra Online   Northern Suburbs find their voice on Council

From the Lord Mayor / Ward 1 Councillor Election Campaign, September 2011:

Date   Source   Article
    Candidate Questions   Questions to Wollongong City Council
06/09/2011   Media Release   PEL application to protect water security
02/09/2011   Northern Exposure   Helensburgh liquor store still on the nose
31/08/2011   Northern Illawarra Online   Liquor store still on nose
31/08/2011   Media Release   Stop CSG Illawarra responses
31/08/2011   Illawarra Mercury   John Hatton urges voters to exercise independence
31/08/2011   Media Release   Hatton endorses Greg Petty
30/08/2011   Media Release   Lord Mayor rules out CSG DA's
28/08/2011   Media Release   Helensburgh Liquor Outlet back on "TAP"
26/08/2011   Media Release   "Wollongong - A fresh start" response
26/08/2011   Illawarra Mercury   The Pledge
25/08/2011   Statutory Declaration   The Pledge
22/08/2011   Statement of Support   Illawarra Folk Festival
22/08/2011   Business Paper   Illawarra Business Chamber 'Opportunities for a New Era'
21/08/2011   Media Release   Mercury Feature Article
21/08/2011   Media Release   South Coast Labor Council
19/08/2011   Media Release   CSG & Illawarra Water Security
19/08/2011   Email   Private Members Bill - Water Security for Illawarra
17/08/2011   Media Release   No CSG exploration in urban areas
17/08/2011   Media Release   Community Reference Panel - Where was Connor?
17/08/2011   Wollongong City Council   "Community Reference Panel" Report
17/08/2011   Media Release   No party politics in council - independence is "key"
16/08/2011   Media Release   Illawarra Escarpment Network response
16/08/2011   iBUG Survey   Statement on Cycling
15/08/2011   Video - NF1 Presentation  
14/08/2011   Media Release   Internal Ombudsman - more questions
14/08/2011   WCC Job Specification   Professional Conduct Coordinator role
11/08/2011   Major Policy Announcement   ICAC appointed INTERNAL OMBUDSMAN
10/08/2011   Media Release   Cycle - Walkway Proposal
10/08/2011   Neighbourhood Forum 1   Speech - Internal Ombudsman Announcement
08/08/2011   Northern Exposure   Mayoral Candidates attend NF1
07/08/2011   Media Release   Lord Mayor Waggon Train to Helensburgh
04/08/2011   Northern Exposure   Petty names Team Independent
03/08/2011   Northern Illawarra CoC   "A new broom sweeps clean. I bring the broom."
02/08/2011   Statutory Declaration   Mercury Test - "non-aligned independent"
01/08/2011   Helensburgh Herald   Vote Petty for 'Fraccs' sake
30/07/2011   Vox FM   Struggle Street Interview: Greg Petty
30/07/2011   Campaign Material   "I do not accept donations!"
05/07/2011   Northern Exposure   Candidates reject 7d Planning Proposal
01/07/2011   Northern Exposure   Avalanche of Mayors in waiting
30/06/2011   Illawarra Mercury   Greg Petty enters Lord Mayoral Ring
30/06/2011   Northern Exposure   Petty enters Mayoral contest
30/06/2011   Reform WCC   Lord Mayor Candidate Greg Petty
30/06/2011   Campaign Release   Announcement to Run
21/06/2011   WCC Public Access Forum   Call for Moratorium in WCC LGEA

From the NSW State Election Campaign, March 2011:

Date   Source   Article
22/03/2011   Wollongong City Council   Community Reference Panel
22/03/2011   Illawarra Mercury - Editorial   Private land mining right gone too far
21/03/2011   Illawarra Mercury   Coal Seam Gas exploration causing stink
19/03/2011   Wollongong City Council   Reply to probity questions
18/03/2011   NIO Online   NF2 Report March 2011
16/03/2011   Vox 106.9FM   Struggle Street interview - Heathcote Independent
15/03/2011   Online Opinion   Electoral choice - Opinion Brian Holden
14/03/2011   Public Meeting   Residents against CSG Mining
14/03/2011   Campaign Advertising   Independence is the key for a better NSW
09/03/2011   ABC TV   Major concerns where CSG drilling conducted
09/03/2011   Media Release   Bundeena Policy
09/03/2011   Helensburgh & District Herald   Waratah Rivulet - Where did all the water go?
08/03/2011   Illawarra Mercury   Hatton Illawarra Upper House Ticket
06/03/2011   Media Release   Liberal employment false promises
04/03/2011   Northern Illawarra Online   Chamber Hosts Candidates
04/03/2011   St George & Sutherland Leader   Candidates car target of attack
27/02/2011   Pictorial News   Independent Candidates car attacked during the night
24/02/2011   Correspondence Out   The Treasurer: New Bid for Electricity Supplier
24/02/2011   Correspondence Out   Electricity Chairperson: Submission advising new tendered
24/02/2011   Correspondence Out   Parliamentary Budget Officer: Request for Policy Costing
21/02/2011   ABC Four Corners   The Gas Rush
20/02/2011   Illawarra Business Chamber   Candidate Survey - 10 Big Ideas to Grow Illawarra
17/02/2011   Northern Leader   Question of Integrity - Waratah Rivulet
15/02/2011   Radio 2ST   Another Dam Dammed (SCA's Woronora Dam Levels)
14/02/2011   Correspondence Out   Wollongong Council - 7d land review submissions
14/02/2011   Submission to EPBC   Apex Energy NL CSG Exploration & Drilling - Addendum
11/02/2011   Submission to EPBC   Apex Energy NL CSG Exploration & Drilling
10/02/2011   Media Release   Call to Premier on SCA lands to stop CSG
09/02/2011   Northern Leader   Public input on mining strategy wanted
09/02/2011   National Parks Association   Meet the Candidates - Speech by Independent Candidate
08/02/2011   2SM Radio   Residents says on NSW Coal & Gas Strategy
07/02/2011   Media Release   Coal & Gas Strategy "FRACCS" Woronora Dam
01/02/2011   St George & Sutherland Leader   Deer fence no defence
30/01/2011   Media Release   Heathcote community solution to Princes Highway bottleneck
28/01/2011   Wollongong & Northern Leader   Independent doing own Lab Tests
26/01/2011   Media Release   Heathcote Highway "Think Tank" - your say
23/01/2011   Media Release   Heathcote signs first victory to Petty
21/01/2011   Northern Illawarra Online   Hacking creek on the nose
20/01/2011   Press Release   Sewerage outlay to close ROYAL for Australia Day
18/01/2011   Press Release   Otford Sewerage Outlet outflows
17/01/2011   Northern Illawarra Online   Woolies calls time
14/01/2011   Press Release   Big Liquor Store not proceeding in Helensburgh
14/01/2011   Correspondence Out/In   BWS Application - Confirmation BWS withdrawing application
13/01/2011   Australian Resource Focus   Independent Candidate opposes gas mining
12/01/2011   ABC Illawarra   Dharawal plan questioned as not viable
12/01/2011   702 ABC Sydney   Independent candidate opposes gas mining
12/01/2011   Letter to the Editor   Call to unprorogue Parliament on Electricity
11/01/2011   Media Release   O'Farrell fenced out by Campbell
11/01/2011   Correspondence Out   Approval to inspect SCA lands at Darkes Forest/Helensburgh
10/01/2011   Correspondence Out   Opposition Leader - Questions on Dharawal SCA
06/01/2011   Media Release   People of NSW want Parliament back! Electricity sale debacle
06/01/2011   Correspondence Out   MP Heathcote - call to reconvene Parliament
05/01/2011   ABC7 (USA Online news video)   Coal Seam Gas explained - does "Heathcote" deserve this?
22/12/2010   Correspondence Out   BWS Application - Helensburgh doesn't need more booze
20/12/2010   Correspondence Out   BWS Application - Extension to closing date
20/12/2010   Reform WCC   Greg Petty - Independent Candidate for Heathcote
19/12/2010   St George & Sutherland Leader   Accountant Stands for Public Integrity
18/12/2010   Community Engagement   NSWFB Helensburgh 2010 Christmas Run
16/12/2010   Announcement of Public Meeting   Re: Heathcote Highway 30 January 2011 at 3pm
15/12/2010   Correspondence Out   Heathcote and Transport
13/12/2010   Correspondence Out   Application to inspect SCA lands at Darkes Forest & Helensburgh
08/12/2010   St George Leader On-Line   Heathcote Candidate stands up for Royal National Park
08/12/2010   Northern Leader   Petty stands independent of party politics for Heathcote
08/12/2010   Northern Illawarra Online   Petty Stands in Heathcote
07/12/2010   Meet the Community   Stanwell Park CWA Christmas
04/12/2010   Illawarra Mercury   Vow for no Party Influence
03/12/2010   Press Release   John Hatton supports Greg Petty
03/12/2010   Campaign Release   Announcement to run
02/12/2010   Correspondence Out   National Parks Association re Garrawarra
01/12/2010   Northern Leader   Mining disclosures needed for the Illawarra
25/11/2010   Illawarra Mercury   Call for Information on Gas Plan
17/11/2010   Mudgee Guardian   Mid-Western coal group formed
10/11/2010   Northern Leader   Concern Raised over Gas Mining
16/09/2010   St Leader   Heathcote Electorate has Questions
08/09/2010   Illawarra Mercury   Thousand oppose Helensburgh Rezoning Bid
08/09/2010   ABC Illawarra   Interview re Helensburgh Rezoning Bid
20/06/2010   Open Letter   To the Premier of NSW
16/06/2010   Northern Leader   Open Planning Discussion
26/05/2010   Illawarra Mercury   No compo for landowners
25/05/2010   Wollongong City Council   Public Access Forum - 7d Land Review
24/05/2010   Illawarra Mercury   Council dumps Helensbugh Rezoning Plan
30/04/2010   Otford Protection Society Inc   First Community Group Planning Proposal
17/11/2009   Northern Leader   Pristine Royal Under Threat