Greg Petty

Your Say

Cr. Petty believes the community should have the right to submit proposals for Councils annual budget and to have them respectfully assessed. Too often we see budget responses as "NOTED" and the item not incorporated into the budget.

In addition, the community should have the final right how Council will spend ratepayers money. Recent Models have shown a Community Reference Panel or Citizens Jury can be an effective model. No longer will Councils undertake projects based on party political wishlists, but be restored to the public.

Please take 2 minutes to submit your project and answer the question on a Citizen Panel.

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Dear Lord Mayor, Councillors and Staff,

Please add the following item to the list of capital works / programs for the 2013/14 budget submissions.

New /


New /

I would like to see More Less No change
Swimming pools
Library services
Road maintenance
Community engagement
Community transport
Taxi vouchers
Protect the escarpment
Waste management

I would like a Citizens Panel to overview the Councils financial budget If yes;

I would be prepared to serve on a Citizens Panel